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All your lawn care needs in Honolulu, HI

Give your residential or commercial property the landscape upgrade it needs without spending too much time and money on making it happen. Get the supplies, tools, advice, accessories and services you need all in one place at the most affordable prices in Honolulu,HI by dropping in on Akamai Landscape & Maintenance Service Inc. Whether you need a simple yet elegant plant or more exotic palms and trees we have it in stock or we will special order it! Get the look and feel you've always wanted. Feel free to call us or drop in to see our range of inventory, plants, supplies, palms and trees today.

Plants, flowers and trees

From small home lawn and gardening projects to large hotels, apartment complexes, retail developments, restaurants and churches, we have the supplies that you need to bring your vision to life. Based on your budget and tastes we can match you with the exact supplies you need with our stunning selection of plants, flowers, shrubs, vines, ground covers, palms and trees. If you need a seasonal plant, a certain variety of flower or a special hard to find tree, we will have it, or we will special order it. If you need extra advice and inspiration we can offer that too.
Our nursery in Honolulu, HI.

Gardening tools and supplies

Ensure that you can maintain your perfect landscaping with no stress or hassle at all. At Akamai Landscape & Maintenance Service we offer a selection of top-of-the-line landscaping equipment, seed, fertilizer, mulch and sod from the best sources and manufacturers in the business. All of our products are quality guaranteed and environmentally sound. Let your landscaping flourish and look beautiful all year round by dropping in on our team in Honolulu.

Gardening tools

Pots and planters

Plants and supplies should always be complimented by the right accessories. Add an extra touch of style to your lawn and landscaping with our selection of attractive and affordable pots and planters. Whether you want a more traditional rustic look, something more modern or a simple potted tree, we can cater to any taste and budget. Make your lawn and landscaping the envy of your friends and neighbors in Honolulu.

Pots and planters
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